Urology & Urosurgery

LLMH Department of Urology & Urosurgery is a Surgical Specialty, covering the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate and reproductive organs. Our service is based in a state-of-the-art Urology Centre at our Hospital, where most of our clinical activities take place.

Comprehensive care for Kidney Stones (Urinary Stone Disease)

  • Stone disease is a very common problem all over the world. Approximately 60% of stone s can be managed by lithotripsy and rest of stones needs various endourological procedures to remove the stones without open surgery.

Percutanious Renal Surgery – Kidney Stones

  • Here 1 cm hole is made in kidney to remove stones after breaking it into smaller pieces. There is a minimal pain and discomfort and patients can go home in 48 hours. Even bigger stones and stag horn stones can be safely managed with this modality. Some of the patients may also need help of lithotripsy to get complete stone removal.


  • All aspects of Endourology (surgery through a telescope, which does not require open procedures) including treatment of prostate (TURP), bladder cancers(TURBT), urethral strictures, kidney and ureteric stones (PCNL & URS) are available. Intracorporeal Lithotripsy (breaking of stones using endoscopes) using the pneumatic lithotripsy is also available.

Minimum Invasive Laparoscopic Surgeries

  • Most of the urological surgeries can be performed by keyhole surgery. Most of kidney surgeries whether it is for benign disease or for cancer can be safely performed laparoscopically. In the same way many other urological cancer surgeries like prostate cancer or ureteric cancer can also be done without cutting the abdomen. LLMH offers all kinds of laparoscopic surgery for urological disease. Major advantage is less pain, small scar or no scar, early discharge and early return to work

Urological Cancers

  • The well-trained surgeons and oncologists at LLMH with a backup of all investigation tools including MRI & CT scans and ultrasound offer a comprehensive uro-oncology service. Approximately 50% of the cancers can be safely managed by laparoscopically surgery (Keyhole surgery)

Female Urology

  • Urinary incontinence (urinary leak) and other urinary problems like urgency (going to the toilet frequently) and stress incontinence (leaking of urine with cough and laughing or straining) can be investigated and treated with minimally invasive methods.

Paedictric Urology

  • Children suffer from various urological problems, which needs investigations. Most of the problems again can be managed by endoscopic and laparoscopic methods

Reconstructive Urology

  • Many reconstructive urological surgeries like pyeloplasty, urethral stricture surgery, hypospedias surgery and other congenital disorder are reconstructed routinely. Some of these reconstructive surgeries are done by keyhole surgery

Doctors on Panel:

  • Dr. Shrikant Badwe
  • Dr. Hitesh Jain