Ignoring a sprained ankle or a ruptured ligament of the knee can become a bigger pain later, directly affecting the routine tasks and mobility.
A sprained ankle or a damaged ligament of the Knee, a major inconvenience for active Indians and an injury that is often overlooked by those who experience them by just taking over the counter painkillers and dragging the pain in hope of recovery someday.
While one in every 20 visits to the emergency room is for a sprained ankle & ruptured knee ligament followed by inability to walk, inability to put the foot down on the ground, most falsely believe that it is a mild injury that needs mild treatment, ice application, some OTC’s if any at all.
“Please correct this myth”, says Dr Aneruddh Ambekar, Managing Director of Lifelline Medicare Hospitals, Mumbai and Master Class Orthopedic Surgeon with special interest in Foot, Ankle & Knee Orthopedic Surgeries, who warns nearly every such emergency that improper treatment of such ruptures can lead to serious problems down the road.
Women, Kids with Obesity, Men just turned up to exercise and especially Athletes, who have been treated by Dr Aneruddh Ambekar under the infrastructure of SAI – Sports Authority of India are regularly exposed to such injuries. They have been told by their trainers to “wait and watch” and put some ice on the area of pain. “Those are the types of patients, he sees a month down the road in the Hospital, who have severe swelling, inability to walk, inability to stand without support and much more. Their next stop is typically the operating table to have Ligament Repair.”
Case in Point: 23 years old male Mr. Vikas Tiwari was injured 6 months back during an outdoor activity. As usual, patients like him neglect the pain, apply ice, take some OTC’s but do not visit an Orthopedic Doctor. Vikas continued the OTCs for 3 months but the swelling in the area of impact (around the knee) saw no improvement. He used to have continued swelling and a sensation of fall (give away sensation in medical terms) while walking. Throughout this time, he never consulted an Orthopedic doctor nor did any other type of Investigations.
At Lifelline Medicare Hospitals: Vikas was told by many of his known contacts to visit Lifelline Medicare Hospitals. On meeting Dr Aneruddh Ambekar and on completion of the prescribed investigations, he was diagnosed to have an ACL Rupture & Meniscal Injury. He was planned for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery. This ACL prevents the shin bone from sliding out in front of the thigh bone. With that Partial Meniscectomy, that is surgical removal of a portion of a torn meniscus was done. A torn meniscus is an extremely crucial knee injury, which usually occurs due to an injury or degenerative changes in older adults.
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