The Nephrology department of LLMH is one of the oldest and the best Nephrology units in the country. It gives comprehensive Nephrology care which includes general nephrology, intensive care nephrology, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and kidney transplantation.

A good urodynamic laboratory, Tissue typing laboratory, interventional radiology, renal histopathology unit, nuclear medicine and urology departments support the nephrology services.

We ensure that we keep in pace with the latest developments in terms of technology and medical advances in the field of Nephrology. The department of Nephrology is to provide the highest quality of medical services to help kidney disease patients manage their condition and even keep then motivated to go for transplants if needed.

The Department of Nephrology offers well equipped, high quality and the best in class medical services for the kidney patients. We have reverse osmossis machine installed for dialysis solution.

Our longest patient on dialysis had survived for nearly twenty five years before he succumbed to liver failure. Currently we do one thousand five hundred (1500) dialysis per month.

– 10 Artificial Dialysis Unit (installed in the department)
– Functional from (08:30am to 8:30pm).
– Three Artificial Dialysis Units (2 installed in the ICU and 1 CCU).
– Emergency dialysis in ICU (24/7 365 days per year).
– Dialysis in ICU for critically ill patients including.

Slow Low Efficiency Dialysis in medically unstable patients and patients with recent surgery where the kidney has failed temporarily.

Plasma Exchange (previously called Plasmapheresis) in patients with auto immune nephropathy, severe neuropathy and Myasthenia Gravis.

Separate dialysis machine for patients suffering from Hepatitis B and C.

Doctors on Panel:

  • Sandip Bhurke
  • Dr. Amit Jain
  • Dr. Keyur Dave