Vision, Mission & Motto


To create a patient-centric tertiary healthcare organisation focused on non-intrusive quality care utilizing leading edge technology with a human touch.


  • Achieve professional excellence in delivering quality care
  • Push frontiers of care through research and education
  • Adhere to national and global standards in healthcare
  • Ensure care with integrity and ethics
  • Provide quality healthcare to all sections of society


At Lifelline Medicare Hospitals, we are passionate about delivering the highest standard of healthcare. Be it the finest Doctors, cutting-edge medicine, state-of-the-art infrastructure or nursing with a smile. When you are passionate about healing the lives that have been entrusted to us, nothing is too big or small to ignore.


  • The staff of Lifelline Medicare Hospitals values Respect, Responsibility and Accountability, together with the development of competencies and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Our underlying principles are teamwork and cooperation, honesty, leadership and the development of a customer delight culture.
  • We believe that it is important to provide a high quality service, to promote a learning environment, to be supportive of each other, and to behave in a professional manner at all times.
  • We recognise our strengths and talents as being good communicators, being reliable, conscientious and innovative.
  • We strive to be a team that is recognised by being high performing, proactive and committed to our work.


It is he who cures, we would like to use the opportunity given by him to the fullest to serve mankind…There would be no discrimination between the rich and poor. We assure that every walk in individual would experience the same cozy, comfort and homely atmosphere. We as a team of Lifelline Medicare Hospitals vow to fulfil our duties and completely satisfy all our patients to ensure a smile on each and every face.