• Cancer Centre

Cancer Centre at Lifelline Medicare Hospitals, Goregaon offers comprehensive program to support the well-being of every cancer patient. Our mission at Lifelline Medicare Cancer Centre is to discover, develop, and deliver innovative solutions to improve cancer care and deliver positive outcomes.

The centre aims to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families by providing integrated cancer diagnosis, and treatment, to cure and prevent the disease. We offer expertise in treating the most critical issues in cancer care using state-of-the-art technology. We provide convenient access to cancer patients around the world. With superior knowledge base, coordinated treatment plan and patient-centric approach we provide affordable cancer care tailored to meet needs of every patient. Our multidisciplinary teams which comprise of experts from the surgical, medical, radiation, nuclear oncology segments are committed to delivering the best possible cancer care and treatment management in a state-of-the-art facility while creating a compassionate environment for our patients and their families.

Treatment Approaches

The modern era of cancer treatment is constantly evolving, with breakthroughs and discoveries. We strive to offer a more specialised degree of care. Our medical and radiation oncologists, haematologists, surgeons and other cancer specialists, work together to provide the most comprehensive, advanced diagnostic and treatment services to our patients.

Medical Oncology Program

Our Medical Oncologists at Lifelline Medicare Hospitals are typically the physicians who take the lead in helping patients fight cancer with most extensive Cancer treatment facilities. Our team of highly qualified experienced, and dedicated medical oncologists administer safe and patient-centric chemotherapy often employed in combination with immunotherapy. The department extends its compassionate support and services by offering optimum palliation to patients who are beyond the scope of active chemotherapy treatment.

Radiation Oncology Program

Radiation Oncology Program offered at the Cancer Centre uses sophisticated equipment and advanced radiological technology to treat cancerous tumours. The department is well-equipped with the latest technology. Our radiologists use advanced techniques like CT, MRI, PET CT Scan, IMRT, SBRT, IGRT, etc. to detect cancer more accurately and pinpoint its exact location in the body, offering higher, more effective radiation treatment.

Surgical Oncology Program

Depending upon the patient’s cancer type and stage, as well as age and overall health, our surgical oncologists offer the most advanced cancer treatments, which involves the surgical removal of malignant tumours associated with cancer.

Cancer Reconstructive Surgery Program

Cancer Reconstructive Surgery is performed to correct anatomical defects that may have occurred due to the cancer-related treatments. Our team of highly experienced reconstruction surgeons uses state-of-the-art micro vascular surgical techniques to achieve the best possible outcomes for repair related damage so that you or your loved ones will have the highest quality of life possible.

Haematology & Bone Marrow Transplant Program

Our haematologists and transplant surgeons focus on delivering state-of-the-art cancer therapy to patients battling cancer. They follow a multidisciplinary approach to treat patients suffering from malignant and non-malignant diseases, including leukaemia, myeloma, lymphoma myelodysplastic syndromes, and other hematologic conditions through bone marrow transplant. Our program strives to integrate each patient into everyday life.